*2014 background papers and schedule are now available. Thank you for your patience.*

Welcome to the Model United Nations at Maryville College!

The Maryville College Model United Nations (MCMUN) offers a challenging and rewarding experience for all those involved. This annual event provides a simulated United Nations forum where students take on the roles of delegates from nations across the world and debate topics that are of international concern. Not only does this conference enhance a student delegates’ public speaking, debate, and leadership skills, it also fosters an environment where the student is able to embrace other cultures and perspectives, making them better, and more informed, citizens of the world.

This is Maryville College’s 29th year hosting the Model United Nations, and this conference is one of the most successful and distinctive programs in the nation. Through continuous innovation, we create new dynamics to keep participants involved and learning. MCMUN will continue to host a leadership building exercise, a conference press corps, and non-governmental organization (NGO) representation.

This year’s conference will provide a unique experience and opportunities for participation, personal growth, and collaboration while emphasizing current events and broadening global perspective.

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